Our Works

We have already installed dozens of kilometers of sheet metal cladding and mineral wool pipe insulation. We know how to perform the installation of thermal insulation for pipes, flues, air ducts, gas lines, steam lines, pipelines, process tanks, flanges, caps and so on. For us, high quality of work – is a matter of principle. That is why, even when work is done, our customers continue to maintain friendly and business relations with us, and recommend us to colleagues.

Here is a list of some of our clients:

Object: PJSC “Feodosiya Enterprise to ensure of oil products”, Feodosiya.
The largest tank farm for handling a variety of bulk-oil cargoes from rail to sea and back to the territory of Ukraine.

Scope of work.
Installation of thermal insulation and a protective casing made of galvanized steel for pipelines and all kinds of technical equipment.

Total yardage = 25 000 sq.m.

Object: “Dniprooliya” LLC, Krivoy Rog
Oil extraction plant for the production of sunflower oil.

Scope of work.
Installation of thermal insulation in the extraction buildings, filtration buildings, as well as in the two boiler rooms and in the industrial area.

Total yardage = 9 000 sq.m.

Object: OOO “Himrezerv”, Kirovograd
The main manufacturer of ethyl acetate in Ukraine.

Type of work:
Installation of thermal insulation for pipes, tanks and other process equipment.

Object: PJSC “Poninkovskaya CPM”
Cardboard and Paper Mill.

Scope of work:
Installation of the insulation on all steam lines.
Total yardage = 2500 linear meters.