Mineral wool pipe insulation

  • Application temperature
    -150 °С ­– +350 °С (+650 °С)
  • Thermal conductivity
    0,04 Вт/мК
  • Non cumbustibility
    Synthetic binder melts
    at a temperature above 1000°C
  • Safety
    Eco friendly material
  • Durability
    Life time up to 50 years
  • Firmness
    No shrinkage
  • Chemically neutral
    Resistance to chemicals
  • Hydrophoby
    Low water absorption
  • Fast installation
    Cylinder easily snaps on the pipe

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With years of experience in the production of insulation for pipes, innovative technologies, progressive solutions and desire to develop, we have created a product, impressive not only for its insulating properties, but also for its affordable price.

Mineral wool pipe insulation “Tradeizol” – it is the “shell”(cylinder), made of high density basalt rock wool. Mineral wool pipe of a small diameter has a lengthwise cut, which makes the insulation installation process as easy and fast as possible. For pipes of a larger diameters, our company offers you mineral wool pipes that consist of two or more sections (segments). The number of sections depends directly on the diameter of the insulated pipe. On the client’s request, cylinders can be covered with a protective cover of aluminum foil, fiberglass, or other coating material. Also, it is possible to cover the insulation layer by sheet metal casing.

Insulation for pipes “Tradeizol” made of basalt wool. This material is classified as non-combustible material. In addition, it has another key feature in terms of thermal insulation – low heat conductivity. In contrast to the more traditional methods of pipes insulation (wrapping mats made of mineral or glass wool), mineral wool pipes do not require a lot of effort when mounted on the heat carrier. Thus, insulation layer is a much more even than when using mats. In the future, it will help to simplify the installation of a protective casing. It is worth noting, that a simple cylinder’s design allows to perform installation and removal of insulation several times (for example, to repair a faulty section of the pipeline). In this case, the piping insulation retains its original shape and insulating properties.

The use of mineral wool pipe insulation

Mineral wool pipe insulation “Tradeizol” is used for thermal insulation of residential and industrial piping with service temperature that ranges from -150 ° C to +650 ° C. Eco-friendly material, which is the basis component of our products, allows their use in all kinds of industries, including the food industry, as well as for thermal insulation of all types of buildings in civil engineering. Mineral wool pipe insulation material in the form of a cylinder (shell) is suitable in various conditions: for thermal insulation of pipelines in the indoor and outdoor areas, with underground and surface pads. Piping insulation by basalt wool cylinders – is the best way to optimize the heat loss in the heat exchangers and heating systems.


  • Service Temperature – from -150 °С to +650 °С
  • Density = 75-100 kg/m3
  • Moisture absorption – up to 5%
  • Service Life – up to 50 years
  • Thermal conductivity – λ = 0,04 W/mK
  • Combustibility – non-combustible

Our company will have produced mineral wool pipe insulation in the shortest time limits.
Also, we offer a delivery service of thermal insulation on the whole territory of Ukraine.

Please note!
Pipe insulation should be performed in accordance with the requirements stated in building codes and regulations (BCAR) for “Thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines”.

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