Metal pipe cladding

Tradeizol company offers you services in manufacturing sheet metal pipe cladding for the thermal insulation protection, storage tanks, silos, boilers, large ductworks and other technical equipment protection. Cladding Pipe is a dismountable metal sheath that easily fits over the heat carrier and provides a stable, smooth operation of any heat exchanger.

Metal pipe cladding

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Metal thickness
0,4mm; 0,5mm; 0,7mm; 1mm; 1,2mm; 1,5mm

Minimum diameter of a product

Maximum diаmeter of the pipeline

Maximum diameter of the storage tank

Varieties of the metal pipe cladding

Industrial enterprises of all sectors have complex internal communication systems, consisting of pipes of various dimensions. We produce metal pipe cladding not only for straight pipe sections, but also for structural elements of any shape and complexity, including conical tank bottoms.

  • Tees
  • Straight sections
  • Elbows (three, four and five segments)
  • Cones
  • End caps
  • Thermal insulation boxes

Each product has different geometrical dimensions.
The segments that compose a taps, fastened with screws.

The material used for the manufacture of the cladding is either galvanized or stainless steel. This is due to the fact that the heat carrier’s insulated areas are often located outdoors, in the open air, where they are exposed to environmental influences, like rain, snow, wind and so on. Therefore, for reliable protection of the insulation cover and the heat carrier, cladding pipe must have high anti-corrosion properties. Also, to prevent ingress of moisture into the insulation layer, there’s lengthwise and end overlaps on the casing’s surface, as well as reinforcing ribs. This way, the heat losses on the insulated section of a heat exchanger will be reduced significantly.

Where the sheet metal pipe cladding might be used?

Sheet metal pipe cladding is used not only to protect the insulation cover and heat carrier itself, but also for heat and energy losses optimization. The cladding protects the pipes from mechanical impact and prevents the occurrence of condensation on the surface of the insulation. Furthermore, metal pipe cladding is resistant to chemicals. All this features ensures that your system performs consistently throughout the service cycle. Our regular customers are already convinced of the quality of our products. Among them, representatives of large industrial companies, construction companies, private repair companies and so on. Pipe cladding made of galvanized or stainless steel not just provides protection, but also gives a more aesthetic appearance of any piping.

Installation of the pipe cladding

Thanks to the special grooves, which snap the cladding, installation procedure takes place quickly and without any difficulties.

Installation of the metal pipe cladding is performed in two steps:

  1. Preparation of the heat-carrier (maintenance work, installation of thermal insulation)
  2. Installation of the pipe cladding (fixing by clamps or bandage tapes)

To install the cladding, no special tools are required!

This simple technology allows, if necessary, to remove the metal pipe cladding as soon as possible, for example, to repair a faulty section of the piping. In cases, when the option of dismantling the insulation from the faulty junction is unavailable, a thermal insulation box is used. You don’t need to separately remove the pipe cladding and insulation cover as the insulation is already inside the box.

Standard dimensions for sheet metal pipe cladding does not exist, so we make all the products to order.