Pipe insulation

Insulation for pipes
  • Service Temperature
    Optimal temperature from -180°С to +350°С. Maximum value +650°С
  • Non Combustibility
    Insulation made of non combustible materials
  • Thermal Conductivity
    Keeps warmth in any weather conditions
  • Safety
    Eco friendly material.
    Suitable for insulation in any types of industry

About us

The “Tradeizol” company is one of the biggest manufacturers of high quality, non-combustible thermal insulation for industrial and domestic pipelines on the Ukrainian thermal insulation market. Our main activity – is the production of thermal insulation for pipes, flues, air ducts, as well as a protective casing made of sheet metal for technical pipe’s heat insulation, flanges, fittings, plugs, oil piplines, storage tanks of different oil cargoes, alkalis, and other process equipment.

Insulation for pipes “Tradeizol” is produced according to the state standarts and quality requirements. With years of experience in the production of insulation for pipes, we can guarantee the effectiveness of our products. Production of thermal insulation of pipes – our specialty, but that’s not all. To meet the demand for thermal insulation products of our customers, we are also engaged in the sale and delivery of thermal insulation materials of such famous brands as: Paroc, Rockwool, Izovol, Ursa, Technonikol, Isover, Izovat and others. Having a hard time with choosing the goods? Our experts will help you to make measurements of the energy carrier and pick the appropriate type of insulation, based not on the price of the product, but on your needs.

Pipe insulation – what is it?

Insulation of pipes – are elements of design and technical solutions, designed to reduce the heat loss in the energy carriers. In the heating systems, insulation is applied to prevent the hot water in the pipes from cooling, on it’s way from the source of heat (boiler, etc.) to the consumer.

Pipe insulation

Thermal insulation for industrial pipelines

Industry is indeed, the most popular application area of the piping insulation. In any factory, there’s a large number of pipelines and all sorts of technical equipment. Due to the peculiarities of a particular type of production, temperature conditions of the equipment might play a key role in the overall performance of the enterprise as a whole. To keep temperature of the pipeline for a long time at a high level, or to maintain the integrity of the the heat carrier during sudden temperature changes – that’s the purposes why the insulation is required. In addition, thermal insulation “Tradeizol” is made of non-combustible materials, which can significantly reduce the risk of fire. Also, thanks to the insulation, the serving staff of a plant or factory is able to carry out their duties without any risk to health, for example, when a defective part of the pipeline is not available for the repair team because of a high temperature on the surface of the pipe. If the internal temperature of the heat carrier is 250°C, than, the temperature of the insulated surface will be around 50°C.

Thermal insulation for heating pipes

Recently, pipe insulation became more popular in civil engineering. In addition to people’s desire to live in comfort and warmth, it is due to the heating costs continue to rise. Usually, the city authorities use mediocre, cheap materials for insulation, or do not pay attention at all. Therefore, residents of multi-storey private houses take the initiative to their own hands. The straight section of the piping, that hasn’t been insulated, could lost up to 35% of the heat, during the cold season. In a similar section of the pipeline, insulated with thermal insulation “Tradeizol”, the level of heat loss is only about 7%. This huge difference might become a considerable problem to your budget. All expenses for purchasing and installation of the thermal insulation, is completely pays off in just one heating season. In the modern construction, thermal insulation has already become a standard issue. Materials and the type of insulation is determines at the building’s design stage. Insulation for pipes “Tradeizol” is not dangerous for health and is suitable for all types of rooms.

Mineral wool insulation

Among the great variety of insulating materials used for piping insulation, the most popular is considered to be mineral (basalt) wool. This magnificent material possesses all the necessary thermal insulation properties. It is non-toxic and it’s easy to work with him. The mineral (basalt) cotton has low thermal conductivity, but its main advantage – non combustibility. Due to its non combustibility, it can be used for thermal insulation of both household and industrial pipelines.

We’ll produce pipe insulation and sheet metal pipe cladding of all dimensions, and our experienced staff will perform the insulation installation on time. “Tradeizol” company is always open for cooperation. With us, you can not only get answers to your questions, but also buy insulation for pipes on the price of the manufacturer, without a dealer’s mark-ups. May the warmth be with you.